The domain:
Since our installation in 1988, our vineyards cover an area of 3 ha 50 situated on the hill sides of Vergisson.

Our wines:
Since our installation in 1988, we have always taken the climate into consideration and the size of our vineyards permits us to easily carry out all the work on the vines as necessary.
The land is worked onall year round using sanitary protections compatible with the environment (bio-trreatments).
The date for the grape-harvesting is very important and the grapes are hand-picked.
The grape juice is put into oak barrrels for the wine-making and ageing for a minimum of 10 months.
The wines are all bottled by us in our winery.

Eve & Michel REY - 35, chemin du Sabotier - 71960 Vergisson - France
Phone: 03 85 35 85 78 - Portable: 06 81 75 16 41
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Five vineyards of Burgundy